What Lucille Photo couples are saying about this guide

Hosanna + Chris

Austin, TX

The best thing was that I knew what to expect! I got to mentally prepare and think about the color combos so when we showed up for the photos, we felt so much more comfortable.

Celia + John

San Antonio, TX

 I actually printed it out and we took it with us when we went shopping for outfits! It gave us the perfect road map of how to prepare for that day.

Ella + Ryan

Chicago, IL

Lucy's guide was an absolute LIFESAVER. Such an amazing tool, made me feel extra prepared for our session!

Lucy Struve

Lucy Struve is a fine art film wedding photographer serving Austin, Texas and destinations around the world. She's known for her ability to make clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and her 
people-oriented approach to capturing the beauty of a wedding day on film.